There’s a war going on.

Inside of our minds, our hearts, our churches, our communities, our jobs, our families, our relationships – there. is. a. war.

You may not see it, however, it’s still there. And my only question is – what will be your response?

For me, I get anxiety attacks often wondering about the outcomes of these situations and replaying possible situations and reactions and results that may or may not be true. It’s crazy! You will drive yourself insane trying to handle situations on your own and living in a state of constant fear. It’s not worth it.

The enemy is not this big red devil that’s far away. It’s our self-doubt, our self-hate, or inability to see our futures or even care about others.

It’s our inner-me.

We have to stand.

No more blanket prayers. No more defeat. No more hesitation or doubt. No more standing still. No more.

Is God not real?

I write this because after praying this weekend, God reminded me that it doesn’t matter what it looks like. What it feels like. What questions come.

Is He not enough? Is He not true?

Then depend upon His power. And when you have done all else to stand, when you have fought the battle, and prayed long enough, keep going, find peace and stand.

What are some ways you plan to stand with God?


xo Neish heart.png


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