Dear engaged college girls:

“To imply that some people must follow a plan of obstacles disguised as romantic relationships that will transform us into eventual husbands and wives while others receive a ticket to bypass such hardship is naive at best and pretentious at worst. No one confidently knows God’s plans but Him. No one knows His reasons for the events in our lives but Him.”

Two More Miles

“We’re ENGAGED! I can confidently say that God has a plan for everyone, and His perfect match for you is out there and is worth the wait! His timing is perfect!”

… says the caption to a picture of a glowing young couple I stumbled across while exploring Instagram the other day.

Cool. Congratulations on having the kind of relationship where you decided it is best to commit to each other for life. Congratulations also on enduring that long wait for The One God saved for you.

Except… You’re 21(ish). And still in school. And you didn’t have to wait that long for marriage.

Maybe it’s a byproduct of Southern values that every time a college girl gets that ring by spring, she feels the need to praise God for her good fortune at finding love and getting to throw a fancy party for her early graduation from the dating…

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