Finances (Cont.)

Quick Update:

Since deciding to map out my budget (including expenses and things that are coming up that will need my attention) life has been so much better. WOOHOO! I’ve not had to buy lunch all week because I’ve been bringing food from home or having food at my job [yay for free lunch lol] and when I do go to the supermarket, my boyfriend and I map out our meals and exactly what we’ll need. We don’t deter from that. And no unnecessary spending either! I also make sure to log my food purchases and bill payments to my expense spreadsheet [which I’ll share at a later date]. So life is great! We’re being frugal now but I know that God is going to bless our diligence!

PS. My savings account is looking healthy y’all! Yay for week 1.

If you are still trying to get your finances together, check out this website below for more information. Brosia is a phenom natural gal and also offers great tips about income and expense mapping. Check it out here!

I’ll post my expense spreadsheet in a future post. I hope it helps 🙂


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