For my Mother.


To my mothers –

I was shaped by the Word through the words of your stories and all women who come before me.  I stand on your stories as I strive to complete my own. I stand because you kneeled. You kneeled in prayer over my life, over my future, over my heart.  And now I stand because of your voices, your stories, your words, your affirmations over my life.

To all the women before me, with me, and after me  – When God created us, He didn’t create us as an after thought or even for the sake of our identities being hidden by the men in our lives.  Our self definitions come from our beauty to reassert, replicate and revive the beauty in humanity – the beauty to create, to bear life, to cultivate new.  We are God’s crown, beauty, and light.

I thank God that I am a beautiful, black, bossy, born again woman.



xoxo Neish

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