Neish, sit down. Be *HUMBLE*.

Hey y’all!

It’s been a minute but I’m backkkk.

Diddy bop for The Water Jar being backkkkk.

One of the things that I’m discovering in my faith journey is the importance of being humble.  Since completing my first year of Seminary (thank you Jesus), I realized that one of the things I need to have in my heart and mind always is a pride in humility.  I know that’s a juxtaposition but follow me here. 

Growing up, I always found pride in my accomplishments, my imaginations of success.  Now, that isn’t a bad thing necessarily.  Ambition can be a great motivator.  It becomes problematic when we allow our identities to be wrapped up in what we can accomplish instead of who we truly are completely.

Ambition can be a cloud that distorts and distracts us from the very parts of ourselves that are failing.  Is there any beauty in failure? Is there any beauty in you?

That got deep, real quick. Lol.  Let’s save that for future posts.

But seriously, I had/have this heart desire to really explore what humility means because for so long I couldn’t find or see any strength in that.  I liked to present an image of “I have all together” and because I possessed that imagined image, I also had the attitude of “I’m better than alllll of you because (insert accolade or celebrated thing here)”.  Additionally, as a woman *and* a woman of color, I have always felt that I have to present myself so much better than anyone else in the room because I’m fighting through silent yet very much present stereotypes of who I am based on my skin color and gender (because like …respectability politics).

God had to remind me that my calling isn’t to present an image – my calling is to be the image of Christ.

Jesus will always be the ultimate symbol of humility and sacrifice.  He actually had things to brag about.  I mean the miracles he did, the wisdom he spoke, and the fact that He laid down his life willingly for us and PICKED IT BACK UP AGAIN ON THE THIRD DAY! I mean…no one has been able to top that …no matter how much money or things we accumulate.

Until next time,

Neish xo

2 thoughts on “Neish, sit down. Be *HUMBLE*.

  1. God bless you Woman of God! You are so beautiful, physically and spiritually! I gain so much joy from seeing you up in the pulpit! Thank you for your faith – for your ever present kindness and willingness to follow God’s plan. You are truly an edification to our church and personally to my life! I am looking forward to reading what God has placed in your heart to share with us in 2nd Samuel! Like really excited! Make sure you post a blog telling us all about seminary school! I would love to hear about that! The experience, the struggle(s), yes! Thank you!!!


    1. Sharlene! Thanks so much for reading and commenting. I will make sure to post some more about my seminary experience and I’m excited that you will be following along with my study of 1&2 Samuel!! 🙂


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