Snatched and Sowing: Reflections on the 2018 Pinky Promise Conference

When I began the “talking” phase of my relationship with Aaron in Summer 2013, I stumbled upon the ministry of Heather Lindsey.

I was looking for someone – anyone – to speak to me about their dating relationships as a Christian.  I wanted to learn how to establish boundaries, how to love and not fall into lust, and how to enter into a relationship with purpose and with the goal of marriage.  So after a google search, I stumbled upon Heather’s blog and from that first blog post it seemed that she was speaking just to me.  Her entries over the years that documented her singleness, then courtship where she didn’t kiss her now-husband until their wedding day, to her marriage and first child …they all encouraged me because it helped me believe that Christian dating – the right way – is possible. 

Instagram wasn’t a thing in 2013, but a few years later, I found her again on IG and learned that she hosted a conference where women from all over the world came together to hear from her directly.  Each year, I would watch the videos and the testimonials of women who attended her conference and had a real encounter with their Pinky Promise sisters and God most importantly.  IMG_2210

So in October 2017, when Heather announced that tickets were officially on sale, I bought a ticket.  I didn’t know if I could go or what flights to ATL would cost – I just bought the ticket because I knew that this year I needed to go.  I was determined to make it happen because I knew without a doubt that God had something for me there.

THEN! I met one of my closest friends at Seminary and found out she would be going (and that she would be joined by her best friend who turned out to be hilarious and sweet)! THENN ..I began following Sarah Jakes Roberts’ ministry for a while before purchasing my PP Conference ticket and was ECSTATIC that she would be a keynote speaker at the event as well.  We later connected on IG as part of her podcast and she gave me some advice … (more about that in another blog lol). It just seemed that God was bringing everything around me into this opportunity to experience this conference for myself.  I ended up having the money not only to go but to take Aaron’s oldest little sister with me …which was a great thing because I wanted to get close to her and to share this experience with her too.

IMG_2173When I arrived in ATL, I didn’t know what to expect.  I was really in Georgia!! I made it home to the South (my family is from Alabama) so I love everything southern – food, hospitality, weather – it was great.  When I got to the hotel (which was beautiful), I saw the pink and glitter that lined the 2nd floor lobby.  It was registration for Pinky Promise Conference! Heather’s boutique was out with the dresses and shirts that she modeled on IG as part of the store’s merchandise.  Greeters with pink lanyards and ID badges were all over the hotel to direct conference attendees along.  It was amazing.

Ultimately, from the sessions to the food to the expectation that was in my heart upon arrival, I received so much from that weekend.  I had time to rest, time to discuss relationships and futures with my girls, time to attend a book signing with SJR and reconnect face to face to discuss the advice that I did not follow (yet…I guess), time to meditate on the word and participate in dynamic worship for myself.  It was clear and evident that God wanted to deposit some seeds in me that I could take back to my home, job, and school.

The main thing that the conference did was remind me that I am a child of God.  I am not an orphan.  I am not aimlessly wandering around …without an aim or purpose.  Instead, God knows my heart and my future and desires that I would trust Him to bring to completion all the seeds of ambition and favor He has placed in my heart.  Both SJR and Heather touched on sowing and being snatched back to where God wants us to be as women on fire for Him. IMG_2183

I was reminded that I haven’t lost my fire.  I was reminded that along with the thousands of women that were in attendance, I too have something unique to offer to this world that only I can do.  I don’t have to live in intimidation and fear because of what others are doing or have done but instead I should live in expectation that the seeds that have been sown in my life will spring up into a matured, effective fruit contribution to society.

So I’m going to blog more.  I’m going to start and release my podcast.  I’m going to walk in my calling as a minister who is living her life in faith and trust in God.  I am not alone.  I am not empty handed or loosely living – I am a sower and a reaper because of God’s purpose inside of me.

So I give God glory for allowing me the opportunity to go to Atlanta in June 2018 to experience the conference that truly was transformative.  It was a beautiful, humbling atmosphere – full of freedom and release.  If you haven’t gone, you should go!  Also, check out Heather’s youtube channel here to see videos of the sessions.

God loves you and has a purpose for what is in your hand – let Him lead you to bring what’s in your hand into other people’s hearts.

Xo Neish



2 thoughts on “Snatched and Sowing: Reflections on the 2018 Pinky Promise Conference

  1. Beautiful Wyneisha. Very inspirational. I wish we had a class at TWC on Christian Dating, it would be so beneficial to a lot of singles in the congregation and community. You are an awesome woman of God. Continue to be a beacon of light to young women everywhere


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