Hidden Good Things

I have issues in my heart regarding envy, jealousy, and comparison.  I think it’s a result of childhood problems, social media, and my unbalanced ambition.

Recently, I was listening to a podcast by Truth’s Table concerning single black women and their ability to handle identity, relationships, and the desire (and force feeding of) marriage as both accomplishment and self-definition.  I was intrigued because I deal with wanting to be successful and for some reason, I’ve decided that marriage is part of that checklist of success.

One of the speakers mentioned that although she is single, she had to come to terms with the fact that her singleness was not a deficiency.  Instead, it was an opportunity for her to explore her purpose and work where the Lord would like her to be, in hopes that eventually her mate would find her working ….not sitting around idly.

For some, that makes sense.  For others, it could be frustrating.

But let’s adjust our lens a little.  We have to begin to ask ourselves – why do we seek out someone to be by our side ..when we’re not really accomplishing anything in our right?  I ask myself that constantly and I’m in a relationship.  God had to speak to my heart about a number of things concerning my relationship, my timeline, and my desires.

Simply – it’s not about me.

If we are to live and do everything to the glory of God, then it’s important to know God first and put Him primary.  Our desires, our timelines, our relationships should all be transparent to God …because He should be able to be in them and shine through them so that He could get the glory.   We should be cautious to not seek out someone else’s last name to replace our own when there are things that we have not done within our own right.

You’re enough and God knows that – and loves that about YOU. ♥️

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