Forgotten but Favored – 1 Samuel 1 & 2

Hannah’s prayer in 1 Samuel 2 begins from a place of joy in the Lord despite the journey that it took to get there.  In the previous chapter, Hannah was barren or childless, unable to eat, drink, or worship because of the heaviness in her heart (1 Samuel 1:7).  She was childless for many years and constantly taunted by her husband’s other wife, Peninnah who had many children in comparison.

Isn’t that a crazy place to be in? Think about yourself.  How often do you find yourself in the bitter place of comparison, constantly reminded of what you desire, your inability to get it, and the somewhat apparent ease it takes for someone else to acquire that very thing you long for.   It’s a tough place and a place where you may feel alone, unseen, or forgotten.

The beauty in 1 Samuel 1 is that Hannah not only turns to the Lord in prayer but she pours out her heart before the Lord and the Lord Almighty remembers her (1 Samuel 1:19).  He remembers her in her barrenness, in her place of pain and emptiness.  He doesn’t wait until she’s reached a certain level or different space of her own strength to remember her, but God chose to acknowledge Hannah’s heart in the midst of pain and show her favor aka grace by blessing her womb with a child.

So my prayer is that you will experience that turnaround found in Psalm 30:5 – that God’s eternal favor will transform your dark nights into happy days.  I pray that you, like Hannah, will feel God’s embrace in those moments where you may feel unseen or forgotten and that you will be reminded of how the Lord Almighty – all powerful, all knowing – sees and knows you so that you may REJOICE

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