Called and Equipped.

Whatever you’re called to be, you’re already equipped to do. 

Have you ever felt like you weren’t good enough?  Or have you believed that who you are or what you have just doesn’t measure up to what you’ve seen as successful around you?  I’ve felt that way too.  I sometimes feel like my quirks, my strengths, my passions just aren’t good enough because I battle the idea that there are plenty of people who are doing what I want to do so why should I even try….

Moses is an example of this too.  When God calls him in Exodus 3 and 4, Moses is already 80 years old.  He has been a shepherd in Midian for at least 40 years and has been content in his newfound identity away from Egypt (although raised in an Egyptian household).  When God calls Moses in the burning bush to go before Pharoah and tell him to let the Israelites go, Moses gives God all types of excuses – “Who am I to go before Pharoah?” and “Suppose they don’t believe me or listen to my voice?” and “I am not eloquent.”

Moses could point out all the reasons why he WASN’T the right one for the job.  

God is awesome because he looks at Moses and asks Moses to identify what is already in his hand.  Think about it.  For 40 years, Moses had this instrument (a rod) to take care of animals in Midian, but when God gets a hold of it and gives Moses instruction, the rod becomes a snake.  The rod that was used for shepherding became the equipment Moses could use as evidence of God’s call on his life.  Wow. 

When God showed Moses that the rod in his hand could become something else, Moses ran from it.  And we do that too!  God can sometimes show you the PROFITABILITY of your TALENT in another space and we will run into imposter syndrome or lack of self-confidence for comfort or safety when God is like…why are you lacking confidence, I’m the One who did this thing! 

So, let’s stop limiting what God’s already placed on the inside of us because of OUR limited scope of its usability.  Everything that we are called to be, we’re already equipped to do.  

God will give the vision.

God will prepare and will perform the good works in you. 

God will be with your mouth and teach you what you will say when the opportunity comes. 

God will show up.   But what will be your responses?

Whatever God has called you to be and equipped you to do stems from HIS ability to NEVER fail.  So what is it that you’re called to do?  Is it to write, blog, speak, preach, encourage, produce written works or video content?  What is it that is ALREADY inside of you?

Could it be that God is waiting to speak with you and direct you to cast it to the ground so He can transform it into the thing that is necessary for the next part of your life?

Stop running, sis.  God’s got you. 

3 thoughts on “Called and Equipped.

  1. Wow! That is so powerful. I used to say that all the time, why should I when others are doing it. Then I would say why am I not doing it? Going back and forth in conversation with God was not what I wanted to do. But so often I tend to do this, especially when I am seeking answers.

    I had to realize that I was not made to fit in I was called to be set apart. It was then that God showed me that I need to do what He called me to do not what I wanted to do. There was no need for me to jump on anyone else bandwagon.

    Sometimes I think God shakes His head at me and say, “there goes my daughter off doing something I did not tell her to do.”


    1. Amen! Definitely agree. We are all called to be set apart. The sooner we realize that God has called us, justified us and gifted the sooner the world can be impacted by our God-given gift. Thanks for reading and sharing! Much appreciated. 🙂


      1. Thank you Wyneisha. I have always wondered why Christians do not talk about things like this. This is why the world thinks it is okay to have sex outside of marriage.

        Have a bless day and thanks for sharing your comment.


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