Shining in Manifestation

The word “manifest” serves a dual purpose as both an adjective and a verb.  As an adjective, it means “clear or obvious to the eye or mind” and as a verb, it means “to demonstrate or to display”.  Despite its usage, there is a visibility attached to the concept of manifestation.  That is no surprise.  As we seek God’s movement in our lives, we want the effects and results of God’s presence to be inwardly transformative and outwardly visible in our being.  As a church community, we are following the vision from our Pastor that this year will be the time for manifestation.  This will be a year of clear demonstration of God’s work and movement in our lives.  But what does this mean and what is our role within this season? 

As I reflect upon this season of spring, when flowers and trees bloom into their fullest, colorful potential, birds return to their northern nests, and people shed winter layers to enjoy the elongated time of sunlight and spring breeze, natural changes around us parallel the spiritual changes that occur when we let God manifest within us.  There is no manifestation without God.  There is no order without God.  Because of the fallen state of the world through sin, we live in an environment of chaos and destruction apart from God.  But because of God’s desire to be reunited with us and because He is totally in love with us, He gave his son Jesus to be a sacrifice for us and now we have the ability to choose to truly live with grace structuring us and love restoring us (Romans 8:2-4).  That is the clear manifestation of God’s movement in our lives.  Movement brings forth momentum.  What is God moving you to do?

In 1 Corinthians 3:5-9, Paul writes to the church of Corinth in an effort to focus their attention on God instead of the divisions among themselves and their social statuses.  He reminds them that one plants [the seed], another waters [the seed], but God alone brings the increase [of the seed].  Don’t you know that everything that God wants you to become and produce already lives within you?  You are the seed.  If only we were to allow God to truly water and refresh our inward purposes and dreams so they can become an outward expression of His grace and mercy! How impactful that would be in our church, our communities, the world!  

This season, as we celebrate the season of spring and renewal and transition, let’s remember that it is not about our desires but about God’s purpose within us.  Everything that will bring God glory is already encapsulated into the very fiber of who we are.  With God, the power of manifestation lives within our core and is the structures of our cups.  We have access to that power!  As clay jars, molded and shaped by the love of God, let us allow the Gospel message of freedom and hope in Jesus Christ shine clearly through our lives no matter where we are (2 Corinthians 4:6-7).  Let’s live life with God clearly shining through us and manifesting His will in our lives!

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